About us

Galpern Group licensed electrical contractor since 1978

In 1978, brothers Igor and Simon Galpern teamed up to form the electrical installation business known as the Galpern Group. Igor is a licensed electrical contractor with a wealth of experience in the electrical trades and building industry. With his problem-solving capability and his emphasis on quality, Igor ensures every job is performed to the clients’ satisfaction.

Coming from an accountancy background, Simon was initially responsible for overseeing the efficient administration of the business. Over the years, Simon’s role has widened to cover project management and his performance in this area is highly respected within the building industry.

In the early years, Galpern was primarily involved in electrical installation. As clients’ needs evolved the business developed alliances and expertise in the computer and communications industry. Today, Galpern are specialist providers of electrical, computer and telecommunications services.

Igor and Simon are supported by a highly skilled team certified in leading-edge technologies. The Galpern Group is committed to ensuring the supply of suitably qualified and experienced workers for the electrical and communications industry, and is active in recruiting and training apprentices. Plus, Igor and Simon are also constantly on the lookout for qualified tradesmen to supplement the team.

The Galpern Group has been a member of the National Electrical and Communications Association since 1981.